Area Info

Hernando County:

Hernando County, located just 45 minutes north of Tampa, offers affordability, convenience and comfort. Nestled between Pasco & Citrus Counties on the Florida West Coast our community is alluring to visitors because of it’s location and tranquil surroundings. We are not a big city, but we do have an eclectic group of residents and this is demonstrated by the many social clubs available to you. Whether it is boating, military or just a leisurely quilters club we have it all, and if we don’t we are always ready to start one.

Thinking of retirement living or raising a family our location appeals to most. Whether it’s a home on the beach or a ranch on the hills our diversified community has something just for you. Explore Hernando and you too will fall in love!

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Pasco / Hillsborough Counties:

Need a little more excitement just a couple of miles south of Hernando you will find Pasco County, with newer developments and many more businesses coming to the area. This community thrives on it’s proximity to Tampa.

Want to feel alive need the hustle and bustle of a City then the Tampa Bay Area is for you! Whether you are looking for nightlife, upscale dining or barefoot Tampa Bay is the place to be. Looking for serenity and old charm downtown Tampa Bay has that too.

Like to bike ride the 41.3 mile length Suncoast Trails may just be for you. The trails parallel the SunCoast Parkway and stretch 3 Counties, Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando. There are several points of access and rest areas throughout the length of the trail.